Solomon the Man

In this message from Gerald McGill, we learn about Solomon. He was a servant of the lord, a student of life, and a specimen of leadership.

The Good Side of Bad Trouble

Gerald McGill encourages us through examples in Solomon’s life to be thankful for God’s blessings and to use them for His glory.

Preaching the Cross

In this message, Gerald McGill preaches Jesus’s crucifixion – the meaning of it, the man who suffered it, and the message behind it.

Jesus Christ Is Lord

In this sermon, Gerald McGill reminds us the message is simple. Jesus Christ is Lord. He died and rose again to claim us as Lord, to control us as Lord, and to be crowned as Lord.

Because He Lives

In this message from Gerald McGill, centered in Acts 4, we’re encouraged by the truths that flow from Jesus’s resurrection.

What Makes a Woman Great

In this message from Gerald McGill, we look at the characteristics of the Shunammite mother and how we can learn from her example.

The Man in the Mirror

In this message from the book of James, Gerald McGill encourages us to examine ourselves and be doers rather than just hearers of God’s Word.