I Have to Cry Sometimes

In this lesson, Dr. Gary Lodge shows us how to be comforted by God’s protection in the midst of dire circumstances.

Fighting with Faith

In this message from Dr. Gary Lodge, we learn how to fight with confidence based on the psalmist’s example.

A Faith That Shines

In this message, Dr. Gary Lodge encourages us on how to practice faith in the face of difficulty.

God Moments

In this message from Dr. Gary Lodge, we’re encouraged to remember, include, and rely on God, especially in the pivotal moments of our lives.

What Makes a Woman Great

In this message from Gerald McGill, we look at the characteristics of the Shunammite mother and how we can learn from her example.

Dropping Off

In this encouraging message from Kevin Romain, we are challenged to to fulfill the law of love and be everyday followers of Christ.